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19 September 2020

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Recipe: crumbled ricotta cake

Healthy and quality ingredients. Which enhance the Pienza ricotta. For those who love carefree and a little tasty cuisine.

Crumbled ricotta cake - Starting the day with this lovely homemade cake by Villa Pienza. Who wants the recipe? ✋

➡ Ingredients: 250 g semi-wholemeal flour, 100 g flacked coconut flour, 100 g butter, 1 whole egg, 90 g brown sugar, 100 g dark chocolate, 500 g cow or sheep ricotta + a splash of vinsanto and a pinch of cinnamon.

Torta sbriciolata alla ricotta

🍀 Mix the ricotta so that it becomes soft and put a little vinsanto, cinnamon and the chocolate cut into irregular pieces.

🍀 Put the flour, the sugar and the egg in a bowl, break the butter into small pieces with the knife after leaving it out of the fridge for a few minutes. Start mixing everything with your hands rubbing your hands together in order to create an amalgamated crumbled dough.

🍀 Then take half part of the amalgamated crumble and put is into a large pan approx 20cm. Meanwile take the ricotta and put it on the crumble. Then put the remaining crumbled dough over the ricotta. Keep the crumbled ricotta cake at 180degree for 30 minutes with a fan oven.

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