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I tell stories that I really believe. And that reflect my personality and lifestyle. I can write about you and your business with the right words and the most significant images: beauty is everywhere, but not everyone is able to catch it or tell it in the right way.

What can I do for you

If you are a traveler or a dreamer

• Recommend travel destinations and give you inspiration.

• Create digital travel guides, customized according to your specific needs.

If you are a 'small brand’

Tell your story, your B&B, your handmade creations, your antiques shop or your niche brand on Slow Living Hideaway (Promotions, Advertorials, Product Placement), or on your social media (Social Media Manager, Content Creator, Editor).

• Give you pratical communication tips (via call; € 75,00/hour)

• Write SEO texts for your blog/website, optimized to be indexed in search engines. 

• Create content for social media and promotional materials.

• Write journalistic texts for online and offline magazines (I am an italian journalist, card no. 167655).

• Find the perfect location for your photo shoot.

• Create a personalized digital guide with the addresses not to be missed near your B&B. To provide to your guests, with an interactive map that can be constantly updated.

If you have a project in mind...

Contact me and tell me what I can do for you

Tweet and Travel

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