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26 August 2020

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LOOK TO Suite and Breakfast, Torino

A nineteenth-century noble palace. Between ancient cafés and delicious restaurants. In the largest arcaded square in Europe. That of Vittorio Veneto. Over there, beyond the river Po, the Turin hill and the Church of the Great Mother of God.

LOOK TO Suite & Breakfast was born putting together a particular 'jardin d’hiver' and a Savoyard palace from the early 19th century in a royal atmosphere. Colors, plants and furnishings invoke the world of nature. Like Le Presse Papier wallpapers and flower-shaped brass tables.

LOOK TO Suite & Breakfast is the project by Giuliana Marsiaj, a well-known architect specializing in the design of gardens and green areas: "This charming residence was born from the strong urge to express myself as an interior designer: I wanted to bring inside the joy and colors that I use in my gardens. "

"LOOK TO is my" winter garden ", hidden inside a noble building from the early 19th century, with an amazing view of the Villa della Regina and the Church of the Great Mother of God"

Giuliana Marsiaj

Giuliana Marsiaj is a very reserved person, she loves silence and meditation, contact with nature: "Working the land gives me great satisfaction, because I see the fruit of my commitment, and with the same commitment I worked on the renovation of a family property, that in a few months lost its severe Savoy authority to transform itself into a place of charm, a refined and colorful nest, where to welcome sophisticated guests."

LOOK TO Bed & Breakfast charme, Torino

Well-balanced colors, refined furnishings and antique objects create a very special and extremely welcoming atmosphere. Each object has a history, and it can be acquired: "As in nature, nothing is permanent, everything changes and transforms, and so LOOK TO."

"Coming into contact with nature is like turning a key in a padlock. By magic a new world opens up before us: rich, colorful, alive and pulsating."

"The building in which LOOK TO is located is part of the expansion project of the city of Turin, towards the river Po, in the early 1800s. Piazza Vittorio Veneto was conceived in 1825 by Giuseppe Frizzi, at the end of via Po, as a structural connection space, with a strong scenographic impact, between the Baroque city and the expansion beyond the river of the village of Po”, explains the architect.

I asked Giuliana Marsiaj to tell me a little more, and also to give us some advice.

Briefly tell me your story: from the design of gardens to LOOK TO
I was lucky enough to grow up in the hills, in close contact with nature. When I attended the faculty of Architecture in Turin, I set my interpretation of 'doing architecture' more on the recovery of existing heritage and on the relationship between man / nature, than on the ambition of new futuristic concrete forms. After various work experiences, in the field of interior decoration, fashion marketing and architecture, I decided in 2008 to follow my greatest passion: nature, gardens, landscaping, and so I opened my Ankhé Landscape Design studio, together to my life partner.

How would you describe LOOK TO?
A magical place ... from other times. A meeting point between like-minded and cultured people, without frills, who want to feel pampered and at ease when traveling. They love the passage of time, according to nature, "no stress, no attendance".

What is there about you and your personality in LOOK TO?
There is everything! There is the enthusiasm for new projects, there is the joy of sharing, there is the tenacity in pursuing\ one's ideals, there is the solidity of a large family behind it, there is the generosity of not sparing oneself never, there is great attention to detail, there is the desire to propose 'taylor made' lifestyles, where privacy and intimacy make it possible to 'feel at home' in Turin.

Describe me the interior design of LOOK TO
I love colors, flowers and light. I am inspired by nature. So I used different shades. The play of greens in the reception room awakens a good mood. The sunny yellow of the breakfast room, along with the Old Colonial Style floral wallpaper, wishes you a good morning. And then, the bedrooms have relaxing properties thanks to the shades of blue and green.

What are your favorites objects and furnishings ? And which ones best represent your style?

  • The old cupboard in the breakfast room: when I was a child I remember it in my family's dining room. I love to keep objects alive, they accompany us in life, it is exciting to relive them in different situations.
  • The collection of paintings of my maternal grandparents, worthy of a museum room. When I was little they seemed immense to me, I observed them with a sense of respect. They were in a long corridor in which I always ran with my brother. Now they are with me in LOOK TO, I still observe them with respect, but today I appreciate them more.
  • The wallpapers: they were love at first sight!

What can't be missing in a home?

  1. A library. Each book is a journey!
  2. A sofa to be comfortable reading, chatting, dozing off. 
  3. Colors. A colored wall can help a good mood or relaxation. Or turn on the imagination.
  4. Flowers and plants. An extension of nature is vital for me.
  5. The pillows. I love pillows, I have them everywhere, of all kinds!

The perfect garden ...
According to Russell Page, one of the greatest landscape architect of the twentieth century, the garden must be: wild, varied, irregular, full of randomness, lush and mystical (like the one in my house!).

Tips for bringing the power of nature into your home
It is a question of "modus vivendi". From a small gesture of attention towards nature, a series of opportunities and variations arise. Let's start with the little things ...

  1. A basil plant in the kitchen: the scent and the flavor of the tender leaves. The same ones that change our mood when we put them to decorate a dish before bringing it to the table.
  2. A sage plant: with meticulous attention, we cut off a few velvety gray leaves for the evening herbal tea. Small gestures that remind us of grandma's recipes and take care of us.
  3. A bunch of fresh flowers, the result of a walk in the meadows. The joy of that presence makes us promise to ourselves: 'I'll be back for that walk soon'. Or a bouquet of flowers purchased from the local florist, which brings a breath of freshness to the house.
  4. Evergreen or seasonal flowering plants. The presence of a balcony with some plants becomes a world that “takes care” of us in a reciprocal exchange.
  5. Indoor plant. Putting it in that corner that we imagined to use for it, and then taking care of it, is highly therapeutic. It takes us back to the present moment, to remove dry leaves and check that the earth is a little damp, or not too dry.

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