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My name is Antonella Machet. I am an italian journalist and a content creator for websites and social media. I like to tell stories with words and to capture magic atmospheres with my camera. 

Born in 1984. I live with my husband in Turin, northern Italy, where I am still looking for my dream home. But I have a love nest, and it is in the Aosta Valley, the place where I was born.

I never liked to "be a tourist". When I travel I always look for small accomodation that make you feel at home. Looking for the most hidden streets, those with refined shops and restaurants frequented by locals. Vintage markets, to find pieces of the past and to bring home memories. Village markets, where you can discover local products. Artisan creations made by "modern makers". Each trip becomes part of me, a piece of my life, a small dream that turns into reality.

I couldn't live without dreaming. Although I am aware that happiness must be of the soul (I'm working on it!).

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About Slow Living Hideaway

Slow Living Hideaway is a website talking about travel, lifestyle and interior design. Dedicated to modern travelers and dreamers, the conscious ones, who look for slow travel, authenticity and inspiration.

What's inside

Hideaways for sustainable and slow travel. In which to experience the slow living. Beautiful places to relax. Refuges to feed the soul. Magical and charming atmospheres.

A room in an old mill, a school converted into a bed & breakfast, a Provencal farmhouse with swimming pool or a cabin in the middle of the forest. Secret, unique and unusual addresses. With particular attention to interior design, vintage furnishings, creative recycling and handmade.

Inspirational addresses that give you ideas on how to decorate your home or embellish your style. Bed and Breakfast and small hotels, but also restaurants, antique shops, niche brands, marché aux puces and small artisans with a story to tell.

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sbout me
  • 01.
    I like authentic and simple things, but never banal.
  • 02.
    I feel butterflies in my stomach every time I discover a magical place.
  • 03.
    I like walking in the woods, getting lost in antique markets and shopping in the village markets.
  • 04.
    I am conquered by the early hours of the morning, the sun filtering through the windows.
  • 05.
     Outdoor picnics are pure oxygen for my soul.
  • 06.
    I'm of the sign of the Virgo, a serial organizer. I spend more time researching than traveling (oops!)
  • 07.
    When I travel I always try to bring home a souvenir, like a vintage mug or a handmade creation.
  • 08.
    I like to share my time with whom I meet on my travels. The people I meet often become friends.
  • 09.
    I prefer to walk on two legs or ride a bicycle rather than use the car.
  • 10.
    I love interior decoration: I like to make my home cozy and take care of it.
  • 11.
    I like to mix flowers, stripes and squares.
  • 12.
    I am constantly looking for new motivations.
  • 13.
    Each place is a source of inspiration for my creativity.
  • 14.
    I like to capture those details that normally nobody notices, the same ones that make the atmosphere unique and distinctive.
  • 15.
    The imperfection makes your home personalized, away from being a soulless "museum house".
  • 16.
    I love natural materials and fresh flowers.
  • 17.
    I like to create 'things' with my own hands.
  • 18.
    I love niche and handcrafted fashion brands. And those who have the courage to express their own style.
  • 19.
    I love discreet, gentle, elegant and sophisticated things, never ostentatious.
  • 20.
    I want to live in a colorful world.
  • 21.
    I'm romantic and nostalgic, but also determined and projected towards the future (I love designing it!).
  • 22.
    I'm learning to look at the universe as a whole.
  • 23.
    I like fresh food with a good glass of wine.
  • 24.
    Yoga addicted.
  • 25.
    I think it's important to celebrate the beauty of small things.
  • 26.
    The essential is invisible to the eyes.
  • 27.
    Less is more.

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