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18 February 2019

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Mes Objets de Charme

Sara Stefanini tells stories, shares moments of poetry and magic, with a simple wire.

Mes Objets de Charme (Ph: Sara Stefanini)

Flowers, balloons, cloche and even a circus with antique lace and old fabrics: I felt in love at first sight with the stories told by Mes Objets de Charme with a simple wire. Sara Stefanini is behind this brand. Photographer and lover of brocante, but also artisan, mum and digital woman.

On Instagram she tells stories, on Etsy she sells her wire objects, on Facebook she has a shop window of products with the patina of the past. She creates poetry with her hands, as well as through her photos. I had the pleasure of meeting her, and she told me something more about her and her story.

What are your passions? There are many things that fascinate me: photography, handmade and vintage objects. All represent an aspect of me and what I love. But I also love running, doing sports (even if my life is always full and I don't have time to do everything), traveling and reading.

Looking at wire what comes to your mind? The wire is a poor material and apparently without soul, but it is very flexible, it can be shaped, creating stories and wonderful objects. For me the wire is poetry, another way to tell fairy tales.

Mes Objets de Charme (Ph: Sara Stefanini)

How was your passion for wire objects born? I always liked to create small objects, I think it is a legacy of my maternal grandparents who were able to do everything themselves. They had a restaurant in Milan, my grandmother was cooking, but also very good at sewing, embroidering and papering. My grandfather was able to do wonders with wood. My passion for iron wire was born in France, where I lived for a while: here I started creating small objects, then bigger and three-dimensional.

How long does it take to create a wire object? It depends above all on size and complexity. From a few hours to a morning for small objects, from a day to several days for large objects, such as the carousel, the circus and the branches.

Mes Objets de Charme (Ph: Sara Stefanini)

Which one of your creations you love most? The circus is the first creation I loved so much, its magic enchants me. I imagine it full of lights and music. And then the branches of flowers: they are small moments of poetry, eulogy to spring and its perfumes. They are very complicated to make, but they give me so much satisfaction that they will always be part of my work.

How was your passion for photography born? My passion for photography began 20 years ago. I worked for several years with a couple of photographic studios, we mainly dealt with weddings. Now, however, I deal with my brand Mes Objets de Charme and I photograph my objects. At the beginning it was not easy because I started as a portraitist, but the practice and time are always excellent allies. Soon my new project concerning the world of photography will start: I'm going to take pictures of creatives and artisans, telling through the photography the wonderful stories behind their work and their objects.

Another of your passions is vintage: which are the objects you love most? The vintage is a real mania ... I sell the items that I find because I have to justify that I'm a cyber-hoarder! But honestly the objets I keep for me are more than those I decide to sell. I have no particular objects which I am bound, I love all that has character and a nice ancient patina, which I call charme.

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Antonella Machet

JOURNALIST and STORYTELLER - Sono una giornalista e creo contenuti per siti web, social media e materiali promozionali. Mi piace raccontare storie con le parole, ma anche cogliere atmosfere magiche con la macchina fotografica. Objets de Charme
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