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30 November 2018

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Il Mondo dell’Usato di Elisa Rieschi

Antique markets in Emilia Romagna, but also unmissable addresses in terms of homemade pasta. I asked Elisa Rieschi, owner Il Mondo dell'Usato, to reveal me what are her secret places.

Born in 1978 in Forlì, Elisa Rieschi is graduated in graphic advertising. Her greatest passion? Everything that has to do with vintage, that's why he opened "Il Mondo dell'Usato" in Forlimpopoli in Emilia-Romagna: an industrial building full of wishlist objects, all with a story to tell.

Il mondo dell'usato, Elisa Rieschi

Sensitive, meticulous and very sweet. These are the three adjectives she uses to describe herself. Solar, unique and rare. These are the three adjectives friends use to describe her. Here's what Elisa Rieschi told me when I went to visit her in Forlimpopoli in her magical universe of Il Mondo dell'Usato.

How would you describe "Il Mondo dell'Usato"? A dream, a magical world, mine magical world.

What is the style of the shop? Vintage and shabby.

Who is the client? A person who wants to personalize his home with unique objects, full of emotions and values. For those who love the taste of vintage style and handmade things.

What can you buy in the shop? Grandma's cupboards, egg racks, sieves, vintage pottery, jukeboxes and many other old-fashioned objects. But also ornaments handmade by my dear friend Paola (stage name: Nicoletta) with pages of vintage books and maps. My friend Agnese, instead, paints flowers and animals on old doors and old wooden shoe shapes. Sometimes I use to organize craft markets in my Il Mondo dell'Usato, on these occasions you can also find clothes, such as handmade ones made by Bianca @chez_blanchette, and handcrafted bags made by my friend Licia @liciawoods.

How was your passion for vintage born? From my father, my second-hand dealer.

Which is the "piece" from which you can not get away? From an old carpenter's bench. I bought it when it was still not fashionable. My dad said to me: "What do you do with that carpenter's bench?". In a very short time carpenter's tables have become trendy.

What do you love most about your job? I like creating spaces, placing objects side by side to make sense. Often a single object does not communicate anything, but next to another, or put on the right piece of furniture, creates the perfect atmosphere.

How do you feed your inspiration? Flipping through magazines like Country Chic, Homes to Live, Elle Decor, Living and Casa Chic. Many ideas also on Pinterest.

Il mondo dell'usato, Elisa Rieschi

Events not to be missed in your areaThe Vintage Fair of Forlì in October and March (I usually participate with Il Mondo dell'Usato) and the Gipsy Garden, the itinerant market with a gypsy soul where to find beautiful handmade things and creative ideas.

The 5 addresses not to be missed in Emilia Romagna according to Elisa Rieschi:

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