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30 July 2020

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Little Sartoria

Each piece is unique and numbered. Made using antique embroidered fabrics, table cloths, doilies, linens, and curtains unearthed in small flea markets located mainly in Apulia (south of Italy).

Old embroidered fabrics become handmade clothes and accessories with Little Sartoria. One-of-a-kind unique collection. Each garment is numbered (almost 1,300 till today).


Monica Nicoletti is the face behind Little Sartoria. Born in Rimini, daughter of a dressmaker. A past as a stylist in America. She lived for 23 years in New York. Here she worked for some of the major fashion companies such as DKNY, Theory and Club Monaco.

She was conquered by Puglia after a vacation and she bought a house. She started to stay more and more, leaving New York. She discovered the Apulian markets and fell in love with them. She started buying old fabrics, embroidered tablecloths and handmade doilies to produce some clothes: "Initially I sold them in a shop on the beach in Puglia, then one thing leads to another," says Monica. How is the style? Modern romantic. “My passion is ethnic clothes. I wanted to make an Italian version of the Huipil, the traditional Mexican clothes. Something contemporary. This is why I chose wide cuts and the addition of new materials.”

Since 2020 Monica has opened a boutique laboratory in Milan (via Luigi Canonica number 23): "I wanted the direct relationship with people."


How would you describe Little Sartoria garments in 3 adjectives?

Honest, eclectic and feminine.

How is your unique piece born?

My unique pieces are born from opportunities and difficulties. Let me explain better: I try to valorize the embroidery. Sometimes the fabrics have holes or stains so I have to get around the obstacle. This stimulates me to create something different every time.

Who works with you?

Some seamstresses help me to sew. I recently turned to an association that gives job opportunities to women from distant countries. This aspect is very important to me.

Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria
Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria

What is style for you?

The expression of one's own experience accompanied by self confidence.

Your clothes well represent the concept of sustainable fashion: how important is recycling today?

Recycling is very important for the future of the planet, but recycling is not enough, you have to do it with taste.

Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria

From an international companies that produce unlimited garments to Little Sartoria that produces unique pieces: how have your work and your life changed?

Although my involvement in all the companies I worked for had been total, now that I work for myself it is certainly much more difficult. It is difficult not to have an important name behind it, it is difficult to deal with everything alone and it is difficult not to be able to confront anyone. Every decision, small or large, right or wrong, is my responsibility. Since I have the shop I have given up the little free time I had, and I use that little to research fabrics and trimmings. In short, a big change.

Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria
Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria

What do you wish for the future of fashion?

In the future, I hope people will pay more attention to small brands. More courage and personality. Less importance to "logos".

Where can Little Sartoria garments be purchased?

Little Sartoria garments can be found in my boutique in Milan in via canonica 23, online on my website, on Instagram @little_sartoria and in some selected stores in Italy and abroad.

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Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria
Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria
Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria
Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria
Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria
Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria
Photo courtesy of Little Sartoria

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