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18 June 2021

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L'immacolata, Matino

Lime walls, light blue shutters and handmade doilies: an authentic and contemporary holiday home in the Salento village of Matino. A mini pool overlooks the rooftops and the blue sky

Elegant, intimate and Mediterranean. With these three words, the architect Massimo Brambilla describes the holiday home L’Immacolata, located in the historic center of Matino, in Apulia.

«L’Immacolata is part of the Acqua di Puglia project, created to enhance the Salento area and the homes that have fallen into disuse,» says Massimo Brambilla.

A maison with a Mediterranean taste. Refined and elegant in its simplicity. Poor architectural elements and local materials are combined with contemporary details, creating a surprise effect. The white of the whitewashed walls, the light blue of the shutters and the micro pool on the roof transport the mind to Santorini and the Greek islands.

Acqua di Puglia Holiday Home Apulia, L'Immacolata

Objects of rural life are transformed into furnishing accessories. The doilies become installations that embellish a wall. As well as the hand-woven pots used by fishermen. These are just some of the minimal furnishings of the Acqua di Puglia line, inspired by a sober and gentle lifestyle.

And then: soft cotton cushions, Apulian pumas, cacti, old restored furniture, mirrors with lace embroidered by local seamstresses and iron lanterns forged by Salento blacksmiths.

«L'Immacolata takes its name from the small eighteenth-century church that stands next to it. Built in several phases, over the last two centuries, the maison consists of a large basement space which in the project was transformed into an underground entrance. The main floor consists of a series of rooms placed in sequence one behind the other, covered with barrel and cross vaults,» explains the architect.

Acqua di Puglia Holiday Home Apulia, L'Immacolata

«The conservative restoration project enhances the typical characteristics of vernacular Apulian architecture: the plasters were peeled to bring to light the old carparo walls, the old existing niches (once used as precious deposits ), we have played to highlight some corbels of the shutter of the vault that covers the bathroom area, as well as the cement tiles in the kitchen, still equipped with the dish drainer made with the classic chicken coop net and the plastered masonry sink,» says Massimo Brambilla.

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Acqua di Puglia Holiday Home Apulia, L'Immacolata
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Antonella Machet

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